Rank Comparison Charts

All insignia in this section are not canon, but every effort is made to be as close to canon as resources allow or exist. They are for the use of the writers in this simulation to assess comparisons in their contributions to the USS Galaxy storylines, plots, and sub-plots. Do *not* take them for granted. They are only guidelines.

If you wish to use these images, keep in mind they are the hard work of two people who will willingly pass them on to you if you ask. If you want to use them, check any of the rank charts at the bottom for credit information.

The large chart is *VERY* graphic intensive. It could take several minutes to load. If you're on dial-up, don't bother.

Large Chart (Full)
Starfleet Red, Starfighter, Marines, Liaison Corps, Diplomatic Protection Guard, Federation Border Patrol, Federation Merchant Marine
Starfleet Gold, Federation Colonial Militias, Federation Investigative Service, Rihannsu Navy, Rihannsu Naval Intelligence, Klingon Defense Force, Rihannsu Rei'Kara (Imperial Legion)
Starfleet Blue, Nausicaan, Lyran Resistance Force, Cardassian, Bajoran Militia (Line), Bajoran Militia (Staff & Technicians), Bajoran Militia (Security)
Starfleet Teal, Vulcan Defense Force, Vulcan Science Service, Andorian Defense Force, Ferengi Mercantile Defense Fleet, Zakdorn Tactical Force, Trill Research Fleet
Starfleet Black, Judari Republican Guard, Kless Royal Guard, Tamarian Defense Force, Son'a Defense Fleet, Gorn Hegemony Border Guard, Talarian Guard,
Starfleet Provisional Red, Driian Imperial Fleet, Tholian Sovereign Guard, Sheliak Corporate Fleet, Tzenkethi Patriarchal Guard, Reman Guard, Yanek Imperial Fleet
Starfleet Provisional Gold, Hydran Sovereign Fleet (Male), Hydran Sovereign Fleet (Female), Breen Confederated Fleet, T'Kith'kin Hive Guard, Interstellar Concordium, Mirak Star League
Starfleet Provisional Blue, Hirogen Hunters, Dominion (Vorta), Dominion (Jem'Hadar), Free Borg, Neyel Hegemony Navy, Warriors of Sakaria
Starfleet Provisional Teal, Arkadian Battle Fleet, New Thallonian Guard, Olympian Stellar Navy, Olympian Expeditionary Force, Olympian Merchant Marine, Orion Mercantile Force
Starfleet Provisional Black, Peladine Free Guard, Stagnorian Guard, Tellarite Guard
More to come... requests are welcomed.
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