USS Galaxy Timeline - From 2375 to 2379

Credits: This timeline chronology was originally compiled by James Dixon. Modifications and additions by Liam Collins and Ian Dickson. Movie and episode summaries can be located here. Novel timeline by Geoff Trowbridge can be found here. Some liberties have been taken in aligning dates.

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2375, January
DS9 Episodes "Images in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols"
VOY Episodes "Night", "Drone"
GAL Episode "Strange Days"

- Aboard the Destiny, Ezri Tigan becomes the new host of the Dax symbiont [Strange New Worlds III: "Ninety-Three Hours", DS9: The Lives Of Dax - "Second Star To The Right..."].
- Ensign Dorian Collins writes of her recovery following the destruction of the U.S.S. Valiant 43 days earlier [Strange New Worlds III: "Dorian's Diary"].
- On Deep Space Nine, one of Bashir's nurses is revealed to be a Romulan agent. She assists Beverly Crusher and the Enterprise EMH, with the help of communications from Dr. McCoy and research by Dr. Phlox, in finding a cure for the "Vulcan Scourge," a Dominion bioweapon [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Mirror Eyes"].
- [TNG Novel: "Battle of Betazed"]
- Following the explosion of a Lurian freighter outbound from Cardassia, Odo rescues the survivors of a Cardassian "underground railroad" [DS9: Prophecy And Change - "Foundlings"].
- A secret Tal Shiar base in the Neutral Zone falls to the Dominion. Centurion Shinzon and his Reman regiment are sent to retake the base, where Shinzon discovers a Thalaron research lab and a positronic android called B-4 [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Twilight's Wrath"].
- Ben Sisko finds out that his true mother is a Bajoran Prophet.
- Alliance wins significant victory in ‘Valley of Death' over 1,200 Dominion ships, but losses are enormous.
- U.F.P is advised by Starfleet that they can expect to lose Alpha Quadrant to Dominion within several months PROJECT ARCHANGEL Accelerated [DS9: "Image in the Sand", DS9: "Shadows and Symbols", GAL]
- Three months after a possessed Gul Dukat killed Jadzia Dax and sealed the wormhole, life on Deep Space Nine has changed. Kira, the acting commander, is upset when Admiral Ross informs her that the Romulans will set up a station office, while Sisko has retreated to Earth to contemplate a way of contacting the Bajoran Prophets -- the aliens who reside within the wormhole. When the vision of a woman's face, buried in the sand, appears to Sisko, he sketches her, and Jake recognizes her from one of his grandfather's photos. Part 1 of 2.
- Kira is promoted to Colonel.
- Sisko meets Ezri, the new host of the Dax symbiont, before departing Earth for the planet Tyree with his father, Joseph, and son Jake. Ezri wished to accompany them on their search for Bajor's mythical Orb of the Emissary, which Sisko has been led to believe exists. Back at the station, Kira prepares a blockade to stop the Romulans, who have placed weapons on a Bajoran moon. On a Klingon ship, Worf, O'Brien, Bashir, and Quark embark on a mission of their own: to destroy a Dominion shipyard, thus securing a place for the spirit of Worf's dead wife Jadzia in the sacred Klingon afterlife of Sto-vo-kor. Part 2 of 2.
- The crew of the USS Voyager is unsettled as a secluded and conflicted Captain Janeway reflects on the decisions she's made along the mission and the consequences those judgments have had for them all. But soon the team of the USS Voyager encounters two never before seen alien species--a nocturnal alien and its foe, the Malon--and knows that one will not survive without their intervention. Knowing that coming to their aid makes a detour through dark, desolate space necessary, the captain alone must once again determine her crew's fate.
- There's a sudden emergence of a dangerous new lifeform aboard the USS Voyager--a "Superborg"--after The Doctor's 29th century mobile emitter technology mysteriously fuses with Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes.

2375, Post-January
- Ezri Dax is sent to the Pandora research facility where Axael Krinn has taken hostages in order to obtain the Protean Codex [DS9: Prophecy And Change - "Chiaroscuro"].
- The Voyager EMH utilizes a holographic reproduction of Leonard McCoy to assist in saving an Anjurwan empath [Strange New Worlds II: "The Healing Arts"].
- [VOY 18: "Battle Lines"]
- [VOY 17: "Death of a Neutron Star"]
2375, February
DS9 Episodes "Afterimage", "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"
VOY Episodes "Extreme Risk", "In the Flesh"
- In addition to coping with the memories of her past lives, Ezri Dax must deal with the range of reactions fer presence generates. Kira awkwardly tries to make conversation; Sisko is happy to have his old friend back; Quark flirts with her; and Worf, pained by the memory of his dead wife Jadzia, which Ezri's presence provokes, makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Elsewhere, Garak inexplicably collapses and is rushed to Bashir's care.
- Vulcan Captain Solok brings his starship to Deep Space Nine for repairs made necessary from combat skirmishes. Convinced his all-Vulcan crew is the finest in the fleet, he challenges former classmate and longtime rival Sisko to a baseball game on the Holosuite. With only two weeks to whip his team into shape, Sisko vows he's going to beat Solok--even though Jake is the only other person residing on the station who has ever played baseball.
- Torres' crewmates are alarmed when she repeatedly engages in reckless activities including orbital skydiving. Meanwhile, after the USS Voyager directs a probe into a hazardous atmosphere, protecting it from a Malon freighter, Lt. Paris launches a newly constructed all-environment shuttlecraft called the Delta Flyer to retrieve it.
- The USS Voyager discovers that Species 8472 has created a habitat simulation of Starfleet's San Francisco Yards, and are training their own to pose as humans to eventually invade Earth. A preliminary peace agreement is reached.
2375, March
DS9 Episodes "Chrysalis", "Treachery, Faith and the Great River", "Once More Into the Breach"
VOY Episodes "Once Upon a Time", "Timeless", "Infinite Regress"
GAL Episode "Convergence"
- A group of genetically enhanced humans, once under Bashir's care, escape from their medical facility home in the hopes that the doctor--who himself was genetically engineered as a child--can cure their friend Sarina. Her enhancements left her in a catatonic state, and Bashir attempts an untried procedure on her brain that initially appears to have no effect. However, a few days later, Sarina speaks for the first time.
- Odo is lured to a secret meeting site, where he finds himself face to face with Weyoun, the Vorta leader of the enemy Dominion. Weyoun announces that he's decided to defect and, in exchange for asylum, he promises to provide valuable information that could help the Federation win the war. After the two board Odo's Runabout, the ship is hailed by the Cardassians. Odo is shocked when the monitor displays Weyoun standing beside Damar.
- To Worf's surprise, he is paid a visit by Kor, an aging Klingon war hero. Kor admits that his ambition has earned him countless enemies, and that consequently he has been unable to secure the command of a ship. Worf promises to find him a miltary command, and approaches General Martok with the request--which is angrily refused. Martok explains that years earlier Kor had denied Martok officer status because he was descended from a common house. Undaunted, Worf appoints Kor as a third officer on the Ch'Tang, Martok's flagship, where he is treated with awe by the crew--much to Martok's chagrin.
- As the U.S.S. Voyager searches for the crash-landed Delta Flyer and its crew, Lt. Paris, Tuvok, and Ensign Samantha Wildman. Neelixs help the littlest crewmember, Naomi Wildman, cope without her mother. Together, they are kept occupied by the odd character's in Naomi's storybook holonovel, the classic Adventures of Flotter, but Neelix soon decides that a starship is no place for a child.
- Fifteen years after the Starship U.S.S. Voyager crashes into a desolate ice planet, Commander Chakotay and former Ensign Harry Kim, sole survivors of the tragedy, steal the Delta Flyer from a Federation shipyard and return to the U.S.S. Voyager's frozen hull. Aided by Chakotay's striking love interest, Lieutenant Tessa Omond, Chakotay and Kim are hotly pursued fugitives with hope that somewhere embedded beneath the ice, they'll retrieve the only tools they believe can change the fate of their long-dead fellow crew members.
- Mysteriously, the U.S.S. Voyager comes upon a floating Borg Vinculum--a device that interconnects Drone's minds aboard a Borg vessel--which swiftly causes Seven of Nine to manifest personalities other than her own including that of a Klingon warrior, a Ferengi, and a six-year-old human girl. Janeway is crushed to learn that before Tuvok, The Doctor, and she can intervene, Seven may be completely lost.
2375, April
DS9 Episodes "The Siege of AR-558", "Covenant"
VOY Episodes "Nothing Human", "Thirty Days"
- While making a supply run to the front lines, on the barren planet AR-558, Sisko encounters Starfleet troops that have been decimated during their five-month occupation of the largest Dominion communications array in the sector. If they can figure out how it works, Starfleet will be able to tap into Dominion transmissions. In addition to daily skirmishes with the enemy, the shell-shcoked forces are constantly threatened by "Houdinis"--anti-personnel mines that "hide" in subspace, then explode without warning. Determined to help commanding officer Nadia Larkin and her troops, Sisko stuns his crew by announcing that they're staying at the site indefinitely.
- Vedek Fala, a Bajoran monk and Kira's former teacher, pays her an unexpected visit. He gives Kira a crystal which transports her to Empok Nor, where, to her horror, she is met by her old enemy Dukat--a Cardassian who oversaw the occupation of Bajor. He is now the leader of a Bajoran religious faction which worships the Pah-wraiths--the corporeal enemies of Bajor's prophets. Dukat want Kira to join his followers on the abandoned Cardassian space station.
- After Torres is stricken by a bizarre, injured alien that latches itself onto her body, The Doctor creates another holographic physician, a Cardassian exobiologist named Dr. Crell Moset, to save her life. But Torres refuses treatment when it's learned that the physician engaged in unethical wartime medical practices.
- The U.S.S. Voyager makes a fascinating discovery, a massive ocean floating in space and populated by the Moneans, a maritime alien species. When Janeway learns that the Monean's deep sea home is losing containment, she offers Starfleet technological assistance: a modified, now seaworthy Delta Flyer piloted by an eager Lieutentant Tom Paris. But soon after Paris and Riga, one of the young Monean scientists, return from their deep sea exploration, Paris is accused of a stunning breach of protocol--with dire consequences. He is demoted to Ensign.
2375, Post-April
TNG Movie "Insurrection"
- The Federation and the Son'a are planning to relocate the peaceful Ba'ku in order to exploit the metaphasic particles surrounding their planet. Picard and his crew take the part of the Ba'ku and defend their way of living. Ru'afo of the Son'a, however, wants to fulfill his mission at any cost. After trying to beam out the Ba'ku by force, he attempts to use his particle collector without evacuating the planet, which would kill all inhabitants. Luckily he can be stopped in time. A reconciliation takes place, as it is revealed that the Son'a are actually the same race as the Ba'ku and left the planet 100 years ago [Star Trek IX: "Insurrection"].
- Data creates robotic "bodyguards" for his friends on the Enterprise crew [Strange New Worlds VI: "Protecting Data's Friends"].
- [TOS Novel: "Dark Victory" - Part 2]
- TOS/TNG Novel: "Preserver"
- On Voyager's holodeck, the plans of Dr. Chaotica are once again foiled by Captain Proton! [Strange New Worlds V: "The Difficulties Of Being Evil"].
- [Amazing Stories: "The Space Vortex of Doom"]
- Bashir and O'Brien attempt to save the Alamo in a holosuite [Strange New Worlds III: "The Best Defense"].
- The Voyager EMH spends eighteen minutes on an away mission to a pre-warp civilization, but due to an extreme time differential, his stay seems to last for three years [Strange New Worlds VII: "I Have Broken The Prime Directive"].
- The Voyager rescues a cyborg named Twelve-Alpha [Strange New Worlds III: "Gift Of The Mourners"]
- Tom Paris creates a holographic monster to be a friend to Naomi [Strange New Worlds III: "The Monster Hunters"].
2375, May
DS9 Episodes "It’s Only a Paper Moon", "Prodigal Daughter", "The Emperor’s New Cloak"
VOY Episodes "Counterpoint", "Latent Image"
- After losing his leg in battle, a somber Nog returns to the space station to recuperate. The crew try their best to cheer him up, but the young ensign is struggling, both emotionally and physically, to cope with his disability, even though his new biosynthetic leg works perfectly. After pushing away those who try the most diligently to help, Nog decides to take his medical leave in the Holosuite world of 1962 Las Vegas lounge singer Vic Fontaine.
- Sisko is furious when he learns O'Brien has vanished while on a secret trip to New Sydney, where he was searching for the widow of a criminal named Bilby, whom he befriended while undercover. Because Ezri's family owns a mining operation in the system, Sisko asks her to help find O'Brien. Ezri returns home, where she's reunited with her domineering mother, Yanas Tigan--a shrewd business woman--and her brothers Norvo and Janel, who work for the business.
- Grand Negus Zek, the ruler of the Ferengi empire and paramour to Quark and Rom's mother, disappears while on a business trip to the Alternate [Mirror] Universe. Ezri's counterpart from the universe delivers word that Zek is a prisoner of the evil Alliance and will be killed unless Quark can secure a cloaking device, which renders a ship invisible. Quark and Rom steal one from a Klingon vessel, then accompany Ezri back to the Alternate Universe to retrieve Zek..
- As the U.S.S. Voyager rescues two families of telepathic alien refugees from the Devore Imperium, they are intercepted by a Devore squadron and boarded by inspectors searching for the defectors. Soon Kashyk, the lead Devore officer, pleads with Janeway to grant him asylum.
- The Doctor launches an investigation to find the person or thing that tampered with his short-term memory.
2375, June
DS9 Episodes "Field of Fire", "Chimera"
VOY Episodes "Bride of Chaotica!", "Gravity"
GAL Episode "Here's Looking at You, Kid"
- A young lieutenant named Ilario is found dead in his quarters. An investigation reveals he was shot by a TR-116 rifle, a weapon developed but never mass-produced by Starfleet. Meanwhile, Ezri confronts one of Dax's previous incarnations in a dream: Joran, a self-professed murderer, urges Ezri to channel his disturbing memories and enable him to assist her in apprehending Ilario's killer. When Ezri awakens, she learns that a second murder has occurred.
- Odo returns from a conference with an unexpected guest: a Changeling who tracked and boarded his Runabout. Odo recognizes him as one of "the hundred" shapeshifters who were, like himself, sent out as infants into the Galaxy to learn about other species. Back at the station, Sisko warily releases the visitor to Odo's custody. The Changeling, known as Laas, queries Odo about their unique species--with which Laas has made no contact since his infancy--and "the Link", a Changeling ritual that allows shapeshifters to meld with one another and thereby form a single, sentient collective entity.
- Armed conflict erupts when aliens from the Fifth Dimension mistake Lieutenant Paris' "Captain Proton" holographic novel for reality. The aliens consider the novel's main character, the evil Dr. Chaotica, to be a threat so they knock the U.S.S. Voyager's controls off-line. Janeway is forced to assume the role of the story's powerful Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People, and infiltrate Chaotica's Fortress of Doom. Meanwhile, The Doctor takes on the role of the novel's President of Earth to help the aliens defeat Chaotica.
- A shuttle carrying Tuvok, Paris and The Doctor disappears into a collapsing sinkhole and crash lands on a deserted wasteland. While the U.S.S. Voyager tries to rescue them from this risky area of space, the away team befriends Noss, an exotic alien woman who's also trapped on the planet. Soon, she falls in love with Tuvok and although it's illogical for a Vulcan, he finds himself attracted to her too.
- James Lionel Corgan graduates in the 80th percentile of his class at Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the USS Thunderchild as a Security Officer. He will serve there for one year.
- Dhanishta Eshe graduates Starfleet Academy and enrols in Advanced Engineering School. She focused on Command courses. She will study here until 2377.
- Ensign Rose Isis MacAllen graduates Starfleet Academy with a focus in Archaeology. She is assigned to the USS Yorktown as a Science Officer. She will serve here until 2376.
- Second Lieutenant Jaiana McCormick graduates Starfleet Marine Academy middle of her class and is assigned to the USS Jupiter. She will remain here until 2378.
- Ensign Cora Dobryin graduates Starfleet Academy. She is assigned to the USS Helios as an Intelligence Analyst. She will serve here until 2378.
- Nidani Ledrah is transferred to the USS Hathaway [Conjecture - Titan 2: "Red King"].
2375, July
DS9 Episodes "Badda-Bing Badda-Bang", "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"
VOY Episodes "Bliss", "Dark Frontier - Part I and II"
- While relaxing in Vic Fontaine's Las Vegas holosuite lounge, O'Brien and Bashir are surprised by the arrival of mobster Frankie Eyes, who announces that he has bought Vic's hotel. After he fires Vic, the crew learns that Frankie was created by Vic's designer. Upset by Frankie's behaviour, and by the knowledge that the lounge's atmosphere will now change, the crew desides it must rid him from the program. But he must be eliminated in a way what is period-specific to Fontaine's era: 1962. The task takes on greater urgency when Vic is beaten up.
- On the eve of Dr. Bashir's departure for a conference on the Romulan homeworld, he's visited by Sloan, the director of Section 21, a secret and unsanctioned extremist entity within Starfleet Intelligence. Sloan asks a reluctant Bashir to gather information on the Romulan leadership. Bashir reports the request to Sisko, who worries that although Starfleet Command has officially condemned Section 31, someone in its membership may actually be protecting the group. After consulting with Admiral Ross, Sisko advises Bashir to play along with Sloan in order to determine Sloan's motivations.
- Finally, after five long years, an exhilarated crew of the U.S.S. Voyager finds a wormhole that will bring them back to the Alpha Quadrant. As the happy crew prepares to return to Earth, a skeptical Seven of Nine violates captain's orders and enlists The Doctor, little Naomi Wildman and an alien pilot, Qatai, to help her stop the ship from entering the wormhole.
- After defeating a Borg vessel, Janeway launches an ambitious plan to steal a piece of Borg technology that could get the U.S.S. Voyager home. When the Borg detect her plan, they swiftly access Seven of Nine's neural transceiver and make her an "offer" she can't refuse--rejoin the Borg collective or the U.S.S. Voyager and it's crew will be assimilated.
- Seven is abducted by the Borg, but can be retrieved, together with a set of warp coils.
- Janeway must confront the Borg in their own vessel in order to rescue Seven, risking a possibly devastating confrontation with the Borg Queen (Easter Egg: Alice Krige was initally offered to reprise this role, but she was unavailable).
2375, August
DS9 Episodes "Penumbra", "Til Death Do Us Part"
VOY Episodes "The Disease", "Course: Oblivion"
GAL Episode "Shore Leave"
- As Sisko revels in the purchase of Bajoran land, where he hopes to finally build his dream house, word reaches the station that Worf is missing in action after a fierce battle with the Dominion. Due to strategic concerns, Sisko calls off the search party before Worf can be found. Overcome by memories of Jadzia's life with Worf, Ezri steals a runabout and goes in search of Worf herself. Part 1 of 9.
- Kai Winn arrives at the station to "assist" Sisko with his wedding, and he admits the Prophets warned he would face a great trial in his future. Later, Winn has a long-awaited vision from the Prophets, who reveal that a "Guide" will soon visit her; the Prophets hope that, together, the two will lead Bajor's Restoration. Shortly before Sisko tells Kasidy that they must call off their wedding, Dukat, surgically altered to look like a Bajoran, appears on the Promenade. Sisko and Kasidy Yates get married. Part 2 of 9.
- Without Starfleet medical clearance and in violation of interspecies protocol, Ensign Harry Kim has a passionate love affair with an exotic alien explorer, Derran Tal of the Varro species. But the escapade puts both the Voyager crew and the Varro species in jeopardy when Kim and Tal become biochemically interdependent.
- Lieutenants Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres tie the knot but their holographic honeymoon is cut short by a phenomenon that breaks down the U.S.S. Voyager's infrastructure and disintegrates not only the ship but the crew.
2375, September
DS9 Episodes "Strange Bedfellows", "The Changing Face of Evil"
VOY Episodes "Juggernaut", "The Fight"
- Worf and Ezri are beamed aboard a Jem'Hadar ship, where the Female Shapeshifter and Thot Gor, the respective leaders of the new Dominion-Breen alliance, prepare to sign a treaty designed to destroy the Federation and end the war. However, Damar objects to signing it because of concessions, made to Thot Gor, which could harm Cardassia. Meanwhile, Kai Winn and Dukat seal their bond by pledging to restore Bajor - even if the Emissary stands in their way. Part 3 of 9.
- The Breen join the Dominion. Worf and Ezri return to the station; Earth is attacked by the Breen. Damar plots to get the Dominion out of Cardassia. Dukat tells Kai Winn that she must release the Pah-wraiths from their prisons on Bajor. Part 4 of 9.
- While Picard is visiting his niece at Starfleet Academy with Deanna, San Francisco comes under a surprise attack by the Breen [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Eleven Hours Out"].
- The USS Defiant is destroyed in a battle against the Dominion.
- After encountering a damaged Malon freighter, a repair crew from Voyager tries to contain a toxic chemical leak that threatens a nearby inhabited planet. Before they embark on the mission, two crewmen from the ship warn them about the 'Angel of Decay' that wreaks havoc on board the ship.
- While Voyager is stranded in Chaotic Space by a vessel of unknown origin, a zone where the laws of physics are in a state of flux, Commander Chakotay believes he's a 24th century boxer, The Maquis Mauler. Before long, he's going head to head with the Delta Quadrant's champion, Kid Chaos.
- Ella Grey enters Starfleet Academy.
- T'Pol '8-Ball' Hunter enters Starfleet Academy.

- Tarin Iniara begins training at the Starfleet Officer Integration School.
- Miramon Terrik repeats his second year at Starfleet Academy.
- Admiral McCoy and Captain Scott park the Hudson at a Bakrii repair station until the Breen have cleared Federation space [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Safe Harbors"].
- Chin’Toka system captured from Dominion in First Allied Offensive.
- Wesley Crusher and the Traveler test Q's humanity [Strange New Worlds VI: "The Human Factor"].
- The crew of the DaVinci are assigned to recover prototype encryption technology from a crashed Breen scout ship [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Field Expediency"].
2375, October
DS9 Episodes "When it Rains..", "Tacking Into the Wind"
VOY Episodes "Think Tank", "Someone to Watch Over Me"
- Section 31, a secret Federation Intelligence operation, infects Odo with a deadly virus, supposed to erase all Founders.
- Sisko and his team must work with Damar and the Cardassians against the Dominion. Bajor asks Odo to donate some of his DNA to aid in a medical project. Kai Winn considers releasing the Pah-wraiths. Sisko commissions Kira and puts her in a Starfleet uniform. Part 5 of 9.
- Commander Klag of the I.K.S. Pagh battles Jem'Hadar and Vorta soldiers following a crash on Marcan V [Tales Of The Dominion War: "A Song Well Sung"].
- Odo's health fails fast because of the Changeling disease; Bashir works feverishly for a cure. Sisko fights with Chancellor Gowron for his recklessness in battle. Kira proposes stealing an enemy ship so that they can figure out its weaknesses. Part 6 of 9.
- After he has killed corrupt leader Gowron, Worf declares Martok Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.
- In the midst of a clash with the Hazari bounty hunters, Janeway is offered assistance from a "think tank," a small yet exotic alien ship containing disparate life forms, each able to communicate telepathically. Their spokesperson, Kurros, offers to help solve the dilemma with the Hazari, only in exchange for Seven of Nine as payment. When Seven declines their "offer," the think tank focuses on taking her by force (Easter Egg: Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame starred in a less comedic role in this episode)
- The Doctor tries to introduce Seven of Nine to the concept of dating. After a disastrous first date the Doctor personally guides her, but he soon realises that he is falling in love with her.
2375, Post-October
- Damar's son Sakal hides from the Jem'Hadar on Cardassia [Strange New Worlds III: "An Errant Breeze"].
- Kira, Garak and Damar hide on Cardassia Prime after failing to mobilize the Cardassian resistance forces [DS9: Prophecy And Change - "Face Value"].
- The Excalibur completes its time-travel journey begun a year and a half earlier, arriving in the midst of a battle between a Romulan warbird and the Corinth, which had been captured by Cardassians led by a changeling [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Stone Cold Truths"].
2375, November
DS9 Episodes "Extreme Measures", "The Dogs of War"
VOY Episodes "11:59", "Relativity"
GAL Episode "The Wrath of Hoglips"
- Kira brings a dying Odo back to the station and he urges her to leave his side to fight with the Cardassian resistance. Bashir and O'Brien lure a Section 31 operative to the station in order to find the cure for Odo's disease, but their attempts to get into his brain prove disasterous. Part 7 of 9
- Sisko gets a new Defiant. Kira, Garak, and Damar must hide on Cardassia when ambushed by the Dominion. Quark thinks he's been named Zek's successor. Odo is pissed to find out that Starfleet engineered the disease that almost killed him. Part 8 of 9.
- Planet AR-558 communications array captured intact.
- Rom becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi when Zek retires.
- Captain Janeway relates the story of her distant ancestor Shannon O'Donnell during the construction of the Millennium Gate on Earth during New Year's Eve 1999. She must convince the last holdout, local bookstore owner Henry Janeway to approve the plan.
- When Voyager is destroyed 500 years into the future, Captain Braxton of the 29th Century Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to travel back in time and discover who planted the 'temporal disruptor.' However, she must do this without being discovered by the past Janeway.
- Lt. JG Michael McDowell is promoted to Lieutenant.
- Lt. JG Ethan Suder is promoted to Lieutenant. He is awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor for actions during the Dominion War.

- [Tales Of The Dominion War: "Requital"]
2375, December - END OF THE DOMINION WAR
DS9 Episodes "What You Leave Behind, Parts I and II" - Final Original Episode of Deep Space Nine
VOY Episodes "Warhead", "Equinox - Part I"

- Bashir and Ezri find romance. The new Defiant joins the final battle to free Cardassia. Kira, Damar, and Garak plan to sabotage key Dominion locations while hiding on Cardassia. Kai Winn asks Dukat to help her free the Pah-Wraiths, which Dukat plans to use to destroy Sisko. Kai Winn is killed by Gul Dukat. Gul Dukat falls to his apparent death. Odo returns to his people and Sisko surprises everyone with his departure and sacrifice. Part 9 of 9.
- The Founders of the Dominion surrender to the Federation in return for the cure to a genocidal virus infecting the Great Link.
- The war, in the course of which the Druoda deployed autonomous mass destruction weapons, ends [VOY: "Warhead"].
- After Kim beams an alien missile onboard Voyager it links up to the Doctor's systems and requests that it is allowed to complete its mission of mass destruction.
- [Section 31: "Shadow"].
- Voyager encounters another Federation Starship, the Equinox commanded by Captain Ransom, which was also abducted by the Caretaker. However, a terrible secret is exposed by the Doctor, and Captain Ransom steals Voyager's technology along with Seven of Nine and the Doctor as hostages.
- At the conclusion of the Dominion War, Ensign Michael McDowell was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor. This in respect for serving Starfleet throughout the War but mostly for the few gruesome days he had to live through on Cardassia Prime while captured by rogue Jem'Hadar soldiers.
- Karyn Dallas is awarded the Starfleet Cross for her part in assisting Admiral Thomas J. Casey's fleet of Akira Starships with a mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone as First Officer of the USS Wellington. She is later promoted to Lt. Commander.
- Lt. Ethan Suder is awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor for above mission.
- Lt. JG Klaus Fienberg is awarded the Dominion Cluster for participating in combat action against the Dominion.
- Lt. JG Cassius Henderson receives the Dominion Cluster and Purple Heart for his role during Combat Operations with the Dominion.
- Lt. JG Victor Krieghoff is re-assigned to the Federation Occupation Forces on Cardassia Prime after the USS Hesperas is lost. He will serve in this capacity for 18 months.

- Irene Hansen writes of the end of the Dominion War [Strange New Worlds V: "Final Entry" - September 23, 2375].
- Despite Federation protection, Carol Marcus disappears from her home on Pacifica [TNG Novel: "The Genesis Wave" - Book 1].
- Data and O'Brien are recalled to Earth for an inquiry into Data's actions against Kivas Fajo nearly ten years earlier [Strange New Worlds V: "Bluff"].
- Upon the war's end in late 2375, Dr. Ra-Havreii correctly judged that the Federation's cultural psychology would eventually shift back toward its pre-war ideals, and pushed to have the Luna-class revisited as a major step toward resuming Starfleet's mission of peaceful exploration (even though the class would no longer be assigned exclusively to the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant) [Titan: "Taking Wing"].

VOY Season 6
Gal Season 5

- [?] Esperanza Pinero leaves Starfleet [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- Borg Sphere found inactivated in Marat Sector. Romulans agree to share study of Borg Technology with Federation. (DQ, KD)
- At the close of the Dominion War, Captain M'Kantu was awarded the Starfleet Achievement Medal as much for emerging with his ship and crew intact as for their undeniable contributions to battle during the War.

- Dominion War Treaty signed into effect at DS9. Dominion will...
*Never come within 10 parsecs of the Gamma Quadrant exit of the Bajor Wormhole again
*Starfleet will set up and maintian a string of listening posts in Idran system near the wormhole.
*Cardassian Military disbanded and civil defence force replaces it.
*Cardassian government returned to the Detapa Council.
*All Cardassian and Breen warships and weapons will be destroyed
*Cardassian and Breen ships will only be sllowed minimal weapons necessary for self defense.
*Cardassian Empire worlds to be occupied by Alliance forces for the next ten years.
*New DMZ around Cardassian Territories will be enforced.
- Captain M'Kantu requests and is approved a transfer to Exploration Command. He is awarded the USS Vel'dna, a Galaxy Class starship. His tour of duty here will end in 2380.
- Starfleet is stretched thin patrolling Badlands/Cardassian DMZ plus all other quadrants' Federation interests.
- U.F.P pledges aid in helping re-build Cardassian economy, angering Bajoran sympathizers.
- USS City of Saint Louis returns from temporal rift after fight with Borg Cubes in Kinta system, accompanied by unknown alien ship. SAINT LOUIS is re-supplied and repaired and sent back to investigate derilect. Captain Karen Nils, former Borg drone is revealed as Borg nano-tech weapon. Firefights with aliens ensues, leading to Saint Louis returning to starbase 212 under command of junior officer. Starfleet Intelligence, headed by Commander C.Thomas orders mindswipes and psionic re-structuring of memories of survivors "For the Good of the Federation." Commander Thomas is later transferred back to USS Galaxy. [Saint, Galaxy]
- Ezri discusses Dax's previous hosts with Vic Fontaine [DS9: The Lives Of Dax - "Second Star To The Right..."/"...And Straight On 'Til Morning"].
- [TNG 55: "Double or Nothing" - Double Helix Book 5]
- [TNG 58: "Gemworld" - Book 1]
- [TNG 59: "Gemworld" - Book 2]
- [TNG Novel: "I,Q"]
- [New Frontier 7: "The Quiet Place"]
- [New Frontier 8: "Dark Allies"]
- [New Frontier 9: "Requiem" - Excalibur #1]
- [New Frontier 10: "Renaissance" - Excalibur #2]
- [New Frontier 11: "Restoration" - Excalibur #3]
- [DS9 Novel: "The Left Hand of Destiny" - Book 1]
- [DS9 Novel: "The Left Hand of Destiny" - Book 2]
- Jake, Nog & Ezri discover a secret Breen outpost in Federation space [Strange New Worlds V: "Fear, Itself"].
- Balt, a Ferengi trader, attempts to sell one of Barclay's holoprograms to Quark on Deep Space Nine [Strange New Worlds VII: "Barclay Program Nine"].
- At the behest of the Federation, Ambassador Worf is assigned to negotiate peace between the al'Hmatti—the native people of the planet taD—and the Klingons who occupy their world. Worf is transported by the Enterprise, as well as the I.K.S. Gorkon, whose crew includes Captain Klag, Commander Drex and Lt. Rodek (formerly Kurn, son of Mogh) [TNG 61: "Diplomatic Implausibility"].
- Ambassador Worf returns to Qo'nos [TNG 61: "Diplomatic Implausibility" - Epilogue].
- Worf meets Giancarlo Wu for the first time [TNG: "A Time to Sow"].
- Kahless aids Martok in staving off a coup d'etat [TNG: "A Time to Sow"].
- [TNG 62: "Dead Zone" - Maximum Warp Book 1]
- [TNG 63: "Forever Dark" - Maximum Warp Book 2]
- [DS9 27: - Relaunch - "A Stitch in Time"]
- [SCE 1: "The Belly of the Beast"]
- [SCE 2: "Fatal Error"]
- [SCE 3: "Hard Crash"]
- [SCE 4: "Interphase" - Book 1]
- [SCE 5: "Interphase" - Book 2]
- Ensign Kira Murphy is awarded the Preantares Ribbon and Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry by the Commanding Officer of the USS Greyhawk for the resulting actions stemming from her reprimand. She is later promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and given a Commendation for Bravery for rescuing an engineering crew on the USS Greyhawk from a plasma conduit explosion. She is later transferred to the USS Galaxy as a medical officer, where she will remain until shortly before its decommissioning in 2377, when the Greyhawk enters drydock for a 6 month repair and refit cycle.
- Adrian An'quinsos marries Zerhi No'hisyndiosyn.
- Brhode receives the Silver Star of Heroism for keeping Federation diplomats from being killed on Pondessa IV and reducing crime to virtually none.
- Commander Brhode is promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Avatar. He will be her Commanding Officer for one year.
- Ensign Corgan is awarded the Combat Operations Ribbon for serving in the Dominion War.
- Crom is reprimanded again for trying to cheat the whole graduating Academy class out of all of their latinum. Formal reprimand and placed in Parole to NOT pursue any more profit while in the Academy.
- Crom is reprimanded twice for Breaking Parole.
- Commander Karyn Dallas begins dating Michael McDowell, Asst. Chief Engineer of the USS Galaxy. McDowell suffers an accident on Grainus IV and loses his memory of the previous year, including that of his relationship of Dallas.
- During a border skirmish with the Lyrans over the planet Nar Hallas, the USS Victory became involved in combat with the Flagship BARE CLAW. Ensign von Ernst panicked in the face of the enemy and froze at the Tactical station. Von Ernst had to be forcibly removed from her post and confined to quarters for the remainder of the battle. 15,000 Colonists and two Starship's were lost during the battle.
- Lt. JG Victor Krieghoff is re-assigned to the USS Leonidas as Security Team Leader. He will remain here for one year.
- Lt. JG Hawskley is transferred to the USS Kininto during the evacuation of the Dyson Sphere Two at Gor'Vosh Post in the Delta Quadrant.
- Lt. JG Kira Murphy receives a reprimand for hacking into the Deep Space Nine computers. The reason Kira gave was that she was trying to let the DS9 staff know about Kahn Nilani's reappearance (despite Nilani's reluctance). As punishment, she was put on probation, had her security access level dropped for an undetermined period of time and assigned to help Nilani re-integrate.
- Ensign Corran Rex passes the Pilot's Level 5 Flight Exam and is award the Pilot's Flight Cross.
- Ensign Corran Rex is transferred to the USS Kelvin as an Operations Officer. He will serve here until 2379.
- Ensign Rose Isis MacAllen is transferred to the USS Galaxy as a Science Officer and promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade shortly thereafter. She will remain here until 2378.
- Lt. JG Rose Isis MacAllen is promoted up to Lieutenant Commander and Assistant Chief Science Officer of the USS Galaxy.
- Lt. Ethan Suder is promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Galaxy.
- Lt. Jamson is transferred to Jupiter Station as its Asst. Chief Operations Officer.
- Lt. Tarin Iniara is awarded the Expert Marksman ribbon while on board the USS Musashi.
- Christine Vale is assigned as Chief of Security of the Enterprise-E [TNG: "A Time to Sow"].

2376, January
VOY Episodes "Equinox - Part II", "Survival Instinct"
GAL Episode "Patsy"
- The Kim family informs Irene Hansen that live communication with Voyager is now possible [Strange New Worlds V: "Final Entry" - January 4, 2378]
- O'Brien leaves DS9 to teach at Starfleet Academy. Worf is designated Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Garak returns to Cardassia. Odo returns to the Great Link [DS9 Novelization: "What You Leave Behind"].
- The crew of Voyager must find a way to save Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine.
- Seven of Nine discovers that she was previously freed from the collective along with a few others, and that she was responsible for their re-assimilation. They now wish to be restored to their individuality, but it may cost them their lives, as well as Seven's.
2376, February
VOY Episodes "Barge of the Dead", "Tinker, Tenor, Soldier, Spy", "Alice"
- B'Elanna asks to be placed in a coma-like state when she wishes to free her mother from the Klingon Death Barge, the afterlife that awaits dishonoured souls, even if it is at the cost of her own.
- The Doctor programs himself with the ability to daydream. When an alien spy gains access to the Doctor's visions he mistakes them for reality.
- Paris persuades Chakotay to allow him to buy a shuttle from a junkyard. While repairing it, the shuttle, named 'Alice', begins to gain control over Tom's mind.
- USS Andromeda is heavily damaged from a mission in the Badlands. It enters drydock for repairs.
- Adrian An'quinsos transfers to the USS Galaxy as an Ensign. He will serve there for two years.
2376, March
VOY Episodes "Riddles", "Dragon’s Teeth"
GAL Episode "Family"
- Tuvok is attacked by an energy source, which leaves him exposed and vulnerable. He soon starts experiencing emotions he never had before.
- The ship is placed in danger when it comes under attack from a territorial race of aliens known as the Turei. While sheltering on a planet, Captain Janeway tries to make an alliance with its inhabitants, the Vaadwaur. However, she soon begins to think that the Vaadwaur may pose a bigger threat than the enemy above.
2376, April
VOY Episodes "One Small Step", "The Voyager Conspiracy"

- An energy ball containing a 300-year-old spacecraft from earth nearly consumes Voyager. The lives of Seven of Nine, Chakotay and Paris are put at risk when they take a shuttlecraft and investigate the phenomenon.
- A data-overloaded Seven of Nine starts spreading rumours of a mutiny and insurrection when the ship encounters an alien race who have technology that can catapult the ship light-years closer to home and cut years off their journey.
- Bolian Tiris Jast is assigned to DS9 as Executive Officer. Andorian Thirishar ch'Thane is assigned as Science Officer. At the insistence of the Bajoran government, Ro Laren is assigned as Security Chief. Bashir is promoted to Lt. Commander [DS9 Relaunch: "Avatar" - Book 1].
- The crew of the U.S.S. Aldebaran and Tiris Jast aboard the Defiant are killed in a sneak attack upon Deep Space Nine by three Dominion ships. A Jem'Hadar named Kitana'klan is discovered on the station who claims to have been sent by Odo. After being told of a prophecy by Bajoran Istani Reyla, Jake Sisko enters the wormhole in search of his father. The prophecy also states that the son of Ben Sisko will be the "Avatar," and 10,000 people will die before his birth [DS9 Relaunch: "Avatar" - Book 1].
- The Enterprise arrives at DS9 from the Badlands, bringing the lost Orb of Memory, as well as Commander Elias Vaughn who will become XO of DS9. Kira uploads Istani's prophetic book to Bajor's communications network and is attainted by the Vedek Assembly for her actions. Kitana'klan sabotages DS9's fusion reactor, but Kira jettisons the reactor prior to explosion. A second Jem'Hadar, Taran'atar, is revealed to be the true representative sent by Odo [DS9 Relaunch: "Avatar" - Book 2].
- [SCE 7: "Invincible" - Book 1]
- [SCE 8: "Invincible" - Book 2]
- The S.C.E. salvages the fusion reactor from Empok Nor to repair Deep Space Nine [SCE 2: Fatal Error - "Miracle Workers"]
- Dr. Ethan Locken, a genetically-enhanced agent of Section 31, establishes a secret colony of Jem'Hadar on the planet Sindarin in the Badlands. Bashir is recruited by Cole, another operative, to infiltrate the operation [Section 31: "Abyss"].
- Gretchen Janeway listens to a recording of Katheryn's first voice communication with Starfleet Command since Voyager's disappearance [Strange New Worlds IV: "Uninvited Admirals"].
- [SCE 9: "The Riddled Post"]
- Lieutenant Arex Na Eth arrives from 71 years in the past, just in time to witness his father's Day of Rebirth [New Frontier 15: No Limits - "The Road To Edos"].
- Newlyweds Calhoun and Shelby honeymoon on Xenex [New Frontier 15: No Limits - "A Little Getaway"].

2376, May
VOY Episodes "Pathfinder", "Fair Haven", "Blink of an Eye"
- An obsessed Barclay tries to find a way to communicate with the starship Voyager with the use of an artificially generated micro-wormhole. He becomes so involved that he needs the help of Counsellor Troi to keep his grip on reality. He manages to contact Voyager through the MIDAS Array.
- As the crew enjoys time off in a holo-program created by Tom Paris, and set in an Irish village named 'Fair Haven,' Captain Janeway falls for a handsome holo-character specifically designed for her. A deadly neutrino wave approaching Voyager shortly bring the festivities to a halt as this wave may prove to be more dangerous than they first imagined.
- Voyager becomes the target of a society it inadvertently helped to create within a short period of time.
- T'Shani Ardorannan A’Akledorian enters the Starfleet Officers Integration Program.
- [Gateways 1: "One Small Step"]
- [Gateways 2: "Chainmail"]
- [Gateways 3: "Doors into Chaos"]
- A group of Starfleet and civilian ships, plus Gul Macet's Trager from Cardassia, assist in the evacuation of Europa Nova, a colony world exposed to antimatter waste expelled from an Iconian gateway. Kira pilots the Euphrates through the gateway, arriving in the Delta quadrant, and is attacked by the Hirogen. The xenophobic Jarada allow refugees safe harbor on Torona IV in return for technical data about the gateways. Quark negotiates on behalf of the Orions for control of the gateway system [Gateways #4: "Demons Of Air And Darkness"].
- [Gateways 5: "No Man's Land"]
- [Gateways 6: "Cold Wars"]
- [Gateways 7: "What Lay Beyond"]
- [SCE 10: "Here There Be Monsters" - Gateways Epilogue]
- [SCE 11: "Ambush"]
- Upon the collapse of the Iconian gateway system, the Jarada, assuming Starfleet duplicity, attack the Defiant [DS9 Relaunch: "Twilight" - Mission Gamma Book 1].
- The Spirit of Malkus the Mighty is freed from the final artifact on Narenda III, and possesses the minds of Spock, McCoy, Kira and DeSoto. Aidulac, the creator of the artifacts, succeeds in destroying them with the assistance of the Enterprise and the Gorkon [TOS/DS9: "The Brave and the Bold" - Book 1].
- [TNG/VOY: "The Brave and the Bold" - Book 2]
- [SCE 12: "Some Assembly Required"]
2376, June
VOY Episodes "Virtuoso", "Memorial"
GAL Episode "Tally-Ho!"
- When the Doctor's singing talents are discovered by a technologically superior race, his new found popularity makes him consider resigning his commission to stay on the alien world with his millions of adoring fans.
- The crew of Voyager experience vivid memories and dreams of a battle they don't remember having, with an enemy they have never encountered.
- The Defiant departs on a three-month mission to explore the Gamma quadrant. Cmdr. Vaughn is Captain, Lt. Ezri Dax is First Officer, Ensign Prynn Tenmei at helm, Lt. Sam Bowers at tactical, Ensign Shar ch'Thane at sciences, Lt. Nog at engineering, and Dr. Bashir at medical [DS9 Relaunch: "Twilight" - Mission Gamma Book 1].
- Ensign Cutter Ka'ranin graduates Starfleet Academy 17th in is class.
- Ensign Curtis Geluf graduates Starfleet Academy in the top 5% of his class. His focus is in Engineering. He immediately travels to Vulcan to participate in his Graduate Symposium at the Vulcan Science Academy.
- After completing Starfleet Officer Integration School, Lt. Tarin Iniara is assigned to the USS Musashi as a Security Officer.

- Vedek Yevir, one of the candidates for Kai, travels to Cardassia with Gul Macet to meet with leaders of the Oralian Way, a Cardassian religion which is unsuppressed for the first time in centuries under Cardassia's new democratic government. Vedek Yevir and Cleric Akosha, of the Oralian Way, return the four final missing orbs to Bajor, leading to the possibility of a permanent peace between the two worlds, despite the stallings of First Minister Shakaar. During the signing celebration, First Minister Shakaar is assinated by Trill national Hideki Gard. Gard seems to escape towards Trill, and USS Gryphon departs DS9 in pursuit with Colonel Kira aboard. Gard, however, is captured aboard DS9 after Gryphon's departure, and the mystery is revealed. Shakaar was under the control of the same alien parasites who tried to take over Starfleet 14 years ago, the parasites which are age old enemies of the Trill symbionts. USS Gryphon is under the control of one of the parasites, something Admiral Akaar is alerted to, and sends a coded communication to Colonel Kira. Col. Kira and Cdr. CMontenegro assume that the parasite is Captain Mello, but are proved wrong after Montegro betrays Kira, locking her and Mello in the Captain's quarters. Gryphon is evacuated in a faked warp core breach. The parasite-controlled Montenegoro intends to use the ship in an orbital bombardment of Trill. Captain Mello and Colonel Kira kill Montenegro and bring the ship back under control, but at the cost of Mello's life. Mello transfers command of USS Gryphon to Commander Kira, who's Starfleet commission is still active. (DS9: Mission:Gamma)
- Second Minister Asarem Wyeen becomes First minister of Bajor (DS9: Mission:Gamma)
- A small Starfleet force enters Breen space briefly to attack a shipyard that is in violation of the terms of the Treaty of Bajor that ended the war. The shipyard is under the control of a previously unknown Breen officer, one Thot Gor. The shipyard is destroyed, but not before the Breen escape with several near-complete heavy cruisers. Starfleet ships withdraw, not wishing to provoke the Breen into more extended action (USS Icarus).
2376, Post-July, Pre-September
- [SCE 13: "No Surrender"]
- [SCE 14: "Caveat Emptor"]
- [SCE 15: "Past Life"]
- [SCE 16: "Oaths"]
- [SCE 17: "Foundations" - Book 1]
- [SCE 18: "Foundations" - Book 2]
- [SCE 19: "Foundations" - Book 3]
- [DS9 Relaunch: "This Gray Spirit" - Mission Gamma Book 2]
- [SCE 20: "Enigma Ship"]
- [SCE 21: "War Stories" - Book 1]
- [SCE 22: "War Stories" - Book 2]
- [SCE 23: "Wildfire" - Book 1]
- [SCE 24: "Wildfire" - Book 2]
- [DS9 Relaunch: "Cathedral" - Mission Gamma Book 3]
- [New Frontier 12: "Being Human"]
- [New Frontier 13: "Gods Above"]
- [SCE 25: "Home Fires"]
- [SCE 26: "Age of Unreason"]
- [SCE 27: "Balance of Nature"]
- [SCE 28: "Breakdowns"]
- [IKS Gorkon 1: "A Good Day to Die"]
- [New Frontier 14: "Stone and Anvil"]
- [IKS Gorkon 2: "Honor Bound"]
- [DS9 Relaunch: "Lesser Evil" - Mission Gamma Book 4]
- [DS9 Relaunch: "Rising Son"]
- [DS9 Relaunch: "Unity"]
- [IKS Gorkon 3: "Enemy Territory"]
2376, July
VOY Episodes "Tsunkatse", "Collective"
GAL Episode "Night Siege"
- Seven of Nine is forced into a competition for her life known as 'Tsunkatse,' when she and Tuvok are abducted from the Delta Flyer. If she refuses to fight, Tuvok will be refused the medical aid he needs to keep him from dying from the injuries he sustained from the crash.
- Borg children who were rejected by the Borg as unworthy drones abduct Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and Paris. Four Borg children stay aboard the ship afterwards. Icheb is one of them.
2376, August
VOY Episodes "Spirit Folk", "Ashes to Ashes"
- The inhabitants of the holo-city of Fair Haven suspect the Voyager crew of having mystical powers when they witness the use of their futuristic technology.
- Ensign Lindsay Ballard returns to Voyager after being killed during a previous away mission. An alien race known as the Kobali, whose only method of reproduction is 'resurrection' of the dead through genetic engineering had revived her and taken her as a new member of their race. When the full extent of her new Kobali genes are activated, they reach a point where she must choose between her old home on the ship, or her new home with her adoptive Kobali family.
2376, September
VOY Episodes "Child’s Play", "Good Shepherd"
GAL Episode "Starship Down"
- USS Defiant returns from Gamma Quadrant with two unexpected passengers: The missing Jake Sisko, and Kai Opaka.(DS9: Mission:Gamma)
- Seven of Nine defends a child Borg drone whose parents come to reclaim him. The boy's parents plan on using him as a secret weapon as revenge on the Borg, even if it results in his death.
- Captain Janeway takes three crewmen with poor performance records on an away mission in the Delta Flyer in an attempt to bring them to Starfleet standards. However, an unexpected collision with a Dark Matter comet leaves the crew in a perilous situation.
- Lt. Michael McDowell is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Micheal declined it 10 weeks later citing his accident on Grainus IV distressing him in the event technical expertise learned those two years had been affected.
- John Q. Brhode enters Starfleet's Advanced Tactical School at Wolf-359.
- Aayla Me completes her Doctorate in Psychology and enters Starfleet Academy.

- A massive energy wave sweeps through Federation space, destroying all life on the planets in its path with the Genesis Effect [TNG Novel: "The Genesis Wave" - Book 1].
- Harry modifies Tom's "Captain Proton" holodeck program [Strange New Worlds IV: "Black Hats"].
- [TNG Novel: "The Genesis Wave" - Book 2]
- [TNG Novel: "The Genesis Wave" - Book 3]
- [TNG Novel: "Genesis Force"]
- [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 2: "Trill and Bajor" - Part 1]
- [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 2: "Trill and Bajor" - Part 2]
- [VOY 19: "Cloak and Dagger" - Dark Matters #1]
- [VOY 20: "Ghost Dance" - Dark Matters #2]
- [VOY 21: "Shadow of Heaven" - Dark Matters #3]
- [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 3: "The Dominion and Ferenginar" - Part 1]
- [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 3: "The Dominion and Ferenginar" - Part 2]
- Eben Saxosus, the only survivor of a planet wiped out by the Redeemer virus, receives a vision from the god Xant [New Frontier 15: No Limits - "Redemption"].
2376, October
VOY Episodes "Live Fast and Prosper", "Muse"
- A group of con artists impersonate Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager. The crew must find the imposters soon, or they, themselves will be punished for the con artists' crimes.
- An alien poet discovers an unconscious B'Elanna Torres after her crash landing in the Delta Flyer. However, this poet intends on using her in a play based on her life on Voyager to win favour with his Warlord.
- T'Shani Ardorannan A’Akledorian completes Starfleet Officer Integration School. She receives an equivalency ranking of Ensign and assigned to the USS Sutherland as a Security/Tactical Officer until 2379.
2376, November
VOY Episodes "Fury", "Life Line"

- Krim Aldos of Bajor is elected to the Federation Council by his ex-wife First Minister Asarem. He is only the second representative after the first one died unexpectedly [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- Min Zife is elected to a second term as President of the UFP [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- After weeks on New Earth, infected by a virus from native insects, Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay are left behind as the "Voyager" continues on to the Alpha Quadrant. Lt. Tuvok risks contacting the Vidiians and Dr. Pel transports an anti-viral serum cure to the "Voyager." The starships retrieves and cures Janeway and Chakotay.
- Kes returns to Voyager in a state of rage, blaming Captain Janeway for her past. Using her expanded Ocampan powers in a fit of revenge, she travels through time to deliver the crew to the Vidiians.
- News reaches Voyager through the up-and-running Pathfinder project that the Doctor's creator, Lewis Zimmerman, is critically ill. In an attempt to save his life, the Doctor's program is transmitted to the Alpha Quadrant, but once there, he finds Zimmerman does not want to be examined by an 'obsolete' EMH program.
- Ensign T'Shani Ardorannan A’Akledorian begins her tour on board the Nebula class starship, USS Sutherland.
- Spring Water Festival begins on Andor [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 1: "Cardassia and Andor" - Part 2].
- Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane returns home to Andor for the first time in six years, to face the consequences of his actions. He is banned from his former bondmate Thriss sh'Cheen's Sending at first, but after several days of forced interaction with the family of his bondmate due to weather conditions, he comes to terms with his bondmates and zhavey of Thriss to send her spirit on. He ultimately chooses to enter into sheltreth with his remaining two bondmates, Anichent and Dizhei, with a new shen - Thia - whose own bondmates severed ties with her through the Whole Vessel Law when she refused to participate in the kidnappong of Charivretha zh'Thane, the Andorian representative to the Federation Council to force her to recognize a conspiracy to alter genetic sequencing of their kind from four sexes to two [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 1: "Cardassia and Andor" - Part 2].
- Charivretha zh'Thane resigns from the Federation Council during a press conference after exposing the conspiracy of genetic engineering sanctioned by the Andorian Institute in secret [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 1: "Cardassia and Andor" - Part 2].

2376, December
VOY Episodes "Haunting of Deck Twelve", "Unimatrix Zero, Part 1"
- When Voyager encounters some engineering problems, Neelix keeps the Borg children entertained by telling the story of an adventure that the crew experienced several months ago, with the ghost that lives on deck twelve.
- Seven of Nine is led to a place known as Unimatrix Zero where, unknown by the Borg Queen, Borg Drones are individuals for a short period of time during their regeneration. However, once their regeneration is complete, all recollection of the event is erased. Captain Janeway uses this to form a plan of attack that would create a mutiny from within the collective.
- Paris is re-promoted to Lieutenant j.g.
- Lt. McDowell undergoes a mindmeld to retrieve his lost memories. It is successful. All memories had returned, including those of his relationship with Karyn Dallas. They renew their relationship.
- [Worlds of Deep Space Nine 1: "Cardassia and Andor" - Part 1]
VOY Season 7
GAL Season 6

- [?] Bajor joins the Federation [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- [?] Kant Jorel becomes the Chief Press Liaison to the President's Office of the UFP [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- [?] Jix of Trill is elected to the Federation Council after the previous Trill representative resigns over the parasite incidents [TNG Novel: "Articles of the Federation"].
- A real-time communication with the Alpha Quadrant is established through the MIDAS Array [VOY: "Author, Author"].
- Neelix leaves Voyager to stay on an isolated Talaxian colony [VOY: "Homestead"].
- After a past incursion of Admiral Janeway, Voyager returns to Earth using a Borg subspace conduit [VOY: "Endgame"].
- Cardassia begins to grumble about Federation 'inappropiate' expansion and several DMZ violations are logged. Cardassian control shifts back to favot for yet another Central Command bent on expansion. 'Hawk' element of Federation advocates military strikes against Cardassians.
- "Response' Fleet put together to patrol Cardassian border, puts down minor Cardassian resistance and logs almost daily DMZ violations by squadrons of Cardassian Naval Force.
- In the wake of the increasing Cardassian aggressions, the Council passes three laws, granting the President further executive powers. Some concerns are raised to the Presidents increasing power. However these concerns fade into the background as President Jaresh-Inyo takes charge of the diplomatic crisis between the Cardassians and the Federation. Three months of negotiations comes to an end with the Stipton Treaty. A fragile peace has been reached. Rumors have it that several key officers in the StarFleet are dissatisfied with the outcome.
- "Lex Naturalis" referendum passed by Federation Council, banning cybernetic research in military applications and all other areas unless absolute medical necessity can be shown. Artificial Intelligence programs severely limited.
- Q's son temporarily sends the Voyager crew back to their homes [Strange New Worlds IV: "Welcome Home"].
- [TOS Novel: "Exodus" - Vulcan's Soul Trilogy #1]
- [TOS Novel: "Exiles" - Vulcan's Soul Trilogy #2]
- [TOS Novel: "Epiphany" - Vulcan's Soul Trilogy #3]
- Unknown aliens hit Voyager with temporal disruptors in an attempt to steal the warp core. B'Elanna and Seven become ensnared in a temporal loop [Strange New Worlds VII: "Redux"].
- Yet another holodeck malfunction nearly destroys the Enterprise [TNG Novel: "A Hard Rain"].
- Janeway takes a nap in Naomi's "Trevis and Flotter" program in holodeck one [Strange New Worlds IV: "Return"].
- Kes returns to Ocampa to restore the planet surface to its natural state. Shortly thereafter, the Kazon abandon the planet [Strange New Worlds V: "Restoration"].
- Chakotay is severely injured aboard an alien shuttle, and becomes trapped in a subspace continuum [Strange New Worlds IV: "Shadows, In The Dark"].
- The Enterprise performs archaeological research on the planet Havarrus, believed to be the precursor civilization to the Borg [Strange New Worlds VII: "Forgotten Light"].
- [VOY 25: "The Nanotech War"]
- Byron Morgan informs Irene Hansen that Annika is alive aboard Voyager and arranges for a communication [Strange New Worlds V: "Final Entry" - February 21-22, 2378]
- Within a nebula, Voyager discovers the derelict U.S.S. Anticipation, whose crew was killed by an insectoid lifeform [Strange New Worlds VI: "Hidden"].
- Seven is injured on an away mission with Naomi Wildman [Strange New Worlds VII: "The Little Captain"].
- Q liberates Vash from the Borg collective [Strange New Worlds IV: "Iridium-7 Tetrahydroxate Crystals Are A Girl's Best Friend"].
- Seven of Nine assists Gary Seven in deflecting an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet [Strange New Worlds VI: "Seven And Seven"].
- (Pre-Endgame)
- Lt. JG Hawksley is transferred to the USS Saint Louis as a Flight Control Officer. He is later promoted to Chief Helmsman.
- Cadet 8-ball received a reprimand for getting into a fight with another Vulcan classmate who disapproved of her 'illogical ways'.
- Adrian An'quinsos is promoted twice on the USS Galaxy to Lieutenant. He transfers to the USS Commodore as its Chief Counselor. He will serve there for one year.
- Saladin Bolivar receives Liaison Officer training when he transfers from the Nietzchean Corps. He receives the brevet rank of Major.
- Ensign James Corgan is transferred to the USS Galaxy as a security officer. He will remain until she is decommissioned in 2378.
- Ensign James Corgan is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
- Lt. Commander Karyn Dallas is promoted to Commander and Second Officer of the USS Galaxy midway through the year.
- Lt. JG Ahdjiia D'Tinya is transferred to the USS Lexington. She will serve there until 2380.
- Lt. JG Ahdjiia D'Tinya is awarded the Purple Heart for wounds suffered during Cardassian Peacekeeping duty. She received the Cardassian Occupation and Pacification Forces ribbon.
- Ensign Rebecca von Ernst receives the Grankite Order of Tactics with Silver Starbursts for being in the inaugural class of Starfleet's Wolf 359 School.
- Lt. JG Hawksley receives the Grankite Order of Tactics with Silver Starbursts for being in the inaugural class of Starfleet's Wolf 359 School.
- Ensign Rebecca von Ernst receives an Official Commendation for actions whilst in command of disabled shuttlecraft resulting in rescue of three crewmen. Bajoran system.
- Rebecca von Ernst receives Departmental Reprimand for operating a Phaser Cannon whilst under the influence of alien hallucinogenic narcotic. Ursid System.
- Rebecca von Ernst receives Minor Reprimand for Participation in Unorthodox Food Fight aboard USS Galaxy.
- Rebecca von Ernst is promoted up to Lieutenant and Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Galaxy.
- Lt. JG Hawksley receives official reprimand for unsafe flying in restricted Space Dock area, unauthorized use of Workbee, Security Officer, Starbase 131. Official Reprimand from Commanding Officer, USS St Louis for unsafe flight control operations during combat situation.
- Ensign Cutter Ka'ranin is assigned to the USS Galaxy as a Science Officer in Stellar Cartography. He will remain there until the ship is decommissioned in 2378.
- Lt. JG Klaus Fienberg is transferred to the USS Sturmovik to take up the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. He will serve here until 2379.
- Klaus Fienberg attempts to commit suicide and fails. During his rehabilitation in Counselling, he met Lucy Trang, and began dating. They go their separate ways one month before his transfer to the USS Galaxy.
- Ensign Curtis Geluf is awarded the Starfleet Engineers Citation for Initiative when the Chief Engineer of the USS Marie Curie was killed in a combat situation and his quick actions helped the ship survive the encounter.
- Lt. JG Victor Krieghoff is charged with assault on the Leonidas’ Assistant Communications Officer during an apparent argument during which he broke the ACO’s jaw by slamming his face into an LCARS panel. The subsequent investigation cleared him when it determined that when Lieutenant JG Krieghoff had confronted the ACO about a series of suspicious communications packets traced to him that routine checks had found attached to other messages in the Leonidas’ com traffic, the ACO had made an attempt to swallow a suicide capsule, and that Lieutenant JG Krieghoff’s actions had prevented the ASO from swallowing it. Subsequent investigations proved the officer to be in the pay of Orion Syndicate elements. He is awarded a Letter of Commendation for his actions. Lieutenant JG Krieghoff was subsequently transferred to Deep Space 9. He will serve there for one year.
- Lt. JG Hawksley is transferred to the USS Galaxy as a Tactical Officer. Before the year is out, he is promoted to Commander and Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Galaxy until its decommissioning in 2378.
- Lt. JG Kira Murphy is promoted to Lieutenant.
- Lt. Kira Murphy is arrested and sent to New Zealand Starfleet Penal Colony for hacking computers and disobeying orders from a superior officer. She will serve out a term of not less than three years.
- Lt. Kira Murphy is Kira is reprimanded for arranging for the smuggling of an undescented skunk into the Starfleet Penal Facility. Said skunk was allowed to stay however.
- Lt. JG Janelle Reynolds is promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the USS Yorktown.
- Centurion Savar ir'Aihai tr'Khellian is promoted to Sub-Commander and Commanding Officer of the RSE Okhala.
- Sub-Commander Savar ir'Aihai tr'Khellian is awarded the Rihannsu Medal of Honour.
- Second Lieutenant McCormick is promoted to First Lieutenant.
- First Lieutenant McCormick receives a Reprimand for Conduct Unbecoming a Starfleet Marine following a bar brawl. It allegedly began after an ensign called her 'chickie'. Alcohol was involved.
- Lt. Ethan Suder is promoted to Lt. Commander and Chief Engineer of the USS Galaxy.
- Lt. JG Savoie is promoted to Lieutenant while still on board the USS St. Louis.

2377, January
VOY Episodes "Unimatrix Zero, Part II", VOY: "Imperfection"
GAL Episode "Freedom"
- The away team must infiltrate the Borg Collective and execute their plan to undermine them, even though it may destroy Unimatrix Zero forever.
- Rebi and Azan are reunited with their home worlds, and leave the crew of Voyager. Mezoti is offered the chance to stay with Rebi and Azan, and accepts their invitations to live with them. Seven of Nine is placed in a life-threatening situation when her Borg implants begin to malfunction. The only way she can survive is if they can find replacement parts from a living drone. With Icheb now the last of the remaining Borg children on the ship, he volunteers to offer his implants through a risky procedure that may cost both of their lives.
2377, February
VOY Episodes "Drive", "Repression", "Critical Care"
- Paris and Kim volunteer to enter a race that symbolizes a peace treaty between four warring races. However, the race's peaceful intentions are undermined with plans of sabotage and murder. Torres feels she is nearing the end of her relationship with Paris. However, they work things out with surprising results.
- Former members of the Maquis fall victim to a spate of mysterious attacks on board Voyager. Tuvok is placed in charge of the investigations, and soon makes some remarkable discoveries.
- The Doctor is abducted from Voyager and forced to work in a hospital where patients are treated based on their social status.
- Lt. Michael McDowell and Commander Karyn Dallas end their relationship. Michael returns to Earth on medical leave.
2377, March
VOY Episodes "Inside Man", "Body and Soul"
GAL Episode "Stone of Tears"
- A hologram of Reginald Barclay is sent to Voyager bringing news that the ship can be returned home in a matter of hours through a 'geodesic fold.' However, the crew becomes suspicious of the holographic Barclay's intentions after seeing him exhibit strange behavior.
- While in the Delta Flyer The Doctor, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine come under attack for transporting a hologram through Lokirrim space - an act which is strictly forbidden. To hide the doctor, Seven of Nine downloads him into her cybernetic implants shortly before they are taken to a Lokirrim holding cell. On board Voyager, Tuvok enters Pon Farr.
2377, April
VOY Episodes "Nightingale", "Flesh And Blood Parts I and II"
- While Voyager stops for maintenance, Kim, Seven and Neelix use the Delta Flyer to search for dilithium, when they come across a war between two alien races. After receiving a distress call from a damaged ship claiming to be on a humanitarian mission, Kim is offered his first chance at commanding a vessel of his own.
- The crew of Voyager find a Hirogen training facility, and discover that the hologram technology they gave the Hirogen several months ago was modified to the point where the Holograms are smarter and more cunning than their hunters. The Doctor is abducted by a band of Holograms that escaped from the Hirogen facility and is asked to join them in forging a new life as independent 'photonic beings.' The crew of Voyager must ally with the Hirogen to find the Doctor and re-capture the renegade Holograms. After a confrontation with the Hologram ship, Voyager is disabled and B'Elanna is abducted, with the Doctor's help, to aid the Holograms in their plight.
- Voyager secretly trails two Hirogen ships in pursuit of the renegade Hologram ship. Iden, the band's self-appointed leader, begins showing signs of delusional behavior when he considers himself as the 'Savior of his people,' and believes that his people will worship him as a God in their new settlement. With Voyager and the Hirogen ships trailing close behind, the Doctor and Torres must find a way to disable the ships and the holograms before they come under attack from the Hirogen, and before Iden can execute his plan.
- Lt. Michael McDowell is assigned to the USS Windsor as its Assistant Chief Engineer.
- Lt. McDowell is forced to travel on a civilian freighter when his Starfleet transport vessel was re-routed away from Starbase 86, where he would rendez-vous with the USS Windsor. The freighter is attacked when it drops out of warp, and most of its crew killed. The Captain fabricates a story implicating Lt. McDowell in the mishap. His protests fall on deaf ears. He is demoted to Lt. JG and suspended from active duty. He spends the next five months with his parents on Earth.
2377, May
VOY Episodes "Shattered", "Lineage", "Repentance"
- After Voyager passes near a spatial rift, Chakotay is injured in Engineering, leaving his body in a state of temporal flux. After receiving treatment in sickbay, he inadvertently gains the ability to pass through rifts in time that are scattered throughout the ship, enabling him to walk into different stages of Voyager's history over the past seven years.
- After receiving the news that she is pregnant with Tom Paris' child, and after learning that the child will have dominant Klingon features, B'Elanna has flashbacks to when she was a child, remembering how difficult her life was because of her Klingon heritage.
- Voyager is placed in an ethical dilemma when they encounter a damaged transport ship carrying prisoners. It is revealed that some of the prisoners are being jailed because of their species, and the social misconceptions surrounding them.
2377, June
VOY Episodes "Prophecy", "The Void"
GAL Episode "Queens are Wild"
- Voyager encounters a generational Klingon ship. When the crew of the ship beam over to Voyager after a warp core explosion, they believe that either B'Elanna, or her child is their savior as foreseen by their religious scrolls and prophecies.
- Voyager is pulled into an empty layer of subspace where ships are forced to attack each other and steal supplies for survival. The ship's only hope for survival lies in forming alliances with other ships who wish to escape 'The Void.'
- Lysander VanderPuls-Hawksley and Rebecca Von Ernst reunited on USS Galaxy, attend Admiral Hoth's Advanced Tactical School at Wolf-359 together.
- Curtis Geluf completes his Graduate Symposium on Vulcan, obtaining a degree in Warp Field Theory. He is assigned to the USS Marie Curie as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. He will serve there for 6 months until 2378.
- John Q. Brhode graduates Starfleet Advanced Tactical School at Wolf 359.
- Ensign Dhanishta Eshe graduates Advanced Engineering School at age 24. She is assigned to the Engineering Division at Starfleet Headquarters on Terra, where she will remain until 2379.
- Ensign Vladimir Malgin graduates with his Doctorate in Surgery from the Starfleet Academy College of Medicine. He is assigned to the USS Galaxy as a Medical Officer. He is shortly after promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He will remain on the USS Galaxy until it is decomissioned in 2378.
- Crom graduates Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to Utopia Planetia as a cadet.
- Ensign Ilunya graduates from Starfleet Academy. She is transferred to the USS Archer as an Operations Officer. She will serve here until 2380.
- Lt. JG Cassius Henderson graduates Starfleet Tactical College. He is assigned to the USS Prospero as its Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. He will serve here until 2378.
- Ensign Jasmine Heloi graduates Starfleet Academy with a Major in Navigation and Piloting. She is assigned to the USS Dallas as a Flight Control Officer. She will serve here until 2379.
- Ensign Tyten graduates Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to the USS Triton's Fighter crew.
- Ensign Paulo DiMillo graduates Starfleet Academy in the top 10%. He is assigned to Starfleet Intelligence as an Analyst.
2377, July
VOY Episodes "Workforce Parts I and II"
- The crew of Voyager carry out their normal lives as workers on an industrial planet called Quarra, totally unaware of their time on Voyager or their situation in the Delta Quadrant. Chakotay, Kim and Neelix, return from their trading mission on the Delta Flyer to find the ship abandoned and adrift in a nebula, with only the Doctor on board. The Doctor informs them that the ship fell into a trap which forced them to abandon ship in the escape pods, allowing them to be captured. The Doctor has heard nothing from them since. After going undercover on the planet, Chakotay, Kim, Neelix and the Doctor must now find a way to return the crew and restore their memories, while evading local authorities who have uncovered their plan.
- Chakotay must convince Janeway and the other crew members of their past lives on Voyager. Matters are complicated when Chakotay is exposed and taken for interrogation.
2377, August
VOY Episodes "Human Error", "Q2"
- When Seven tries to perfect her social skills on the holodeck, her hobby quickly becomes an obsession, which leads her to neglect her duties, placing Voyager in great danger.
- Q places his son in the care of Captain Janeway for a week, hoping that she will be able to teach him a sense of discipline. However, his powers and his recklessness endanger the crew and test Janeway's patience.
2377, September
VOY Episodes "Author, Author", "Friendship One"
GAL Episode "You Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs"

- A means of direct communication is established with Voyager allowing each crew member to speak with family and friends. The Doctor sends a holo-novel for publication based on a lost Starship with a doctor who is treated like a slave, which causes controversy among the members of the ship.
- With regular communications to the Alpha Quadrant established, Starfleet send a mission to Voyager: retrieve a 21st Century probe sent from Earth called 'Friendship One.' However, the probe has been modified by a Delta Quadrant species, and the changes may not have been for the better.
- The Galaxy picks up a pair of survivors off a stranded Tamarian ship. They are actually fugitives of the Sanguinarian race. Their habits were akin to the vampire legends of Earth. After much bloodshed and lascivious behaviour on board the ship, they were eventually defeated and reclaimed by judicial representatives of their own government.
- Dr. Todd Sansky transferred off the Galaxy.
- Lieutenant Michael Jamson is awarded the Dedicated Service Ribbon for 10 years service.
- Ensign Cora Dobryin enrolls in Advance Intelligence Training for seven months.
- Miguel Sandoval enters Starfleet Academy.

2377, October
VOY Episodes "Natural Law", "Homestead"
- Chakotay and Seven of Nine are left stranded on an alien planet when they crash into a planet inhabited by primitive tribes. Voyager is prevented from finding them by a mysterious energy barrier surrounding them.
- When Voyager discovers a settlement of Talaxians on an asteroid caught in an industrial conflict, the crew manage find a new home for the population. When an armed conflict between the mining operations and the re-settled Talaxians erupts, Neelix is offered a chance of a new life away from Voyager within the colony.
- Lt. JG Michael McDowell is contacted by Commander Jason Clark, Chief of the Engineering Department of the Theoretical Propulsion Group at Utopia Planitia, Mars. He offers McDowell a job, which was readily accepted. He remains here until 2379.
2377, November
VOY Episode "Renaissance Man"
GAL Episode "The Hunted, Part I"
- The Doctor must impersonate various crew members when Captain Janeway is abducted and held hostage for Voyager's warp core.
- Galaxy is assigned to survey the Mako-Relii Nebula.
- Captain Brhode arrives on the Galaxy from the USS Prospero and takes command.
- Romulan Empire begins to develop cloning technology.
- Captain Price, Commander Karyn Dallas, Lt. Commander Elaithin Jii, and Lt. Commander Kent Peterson are sent into the Romulan Star Empire on an intelligence mission regarding the cloning technology.
- The Galaxy encounter the Hirogen while inspecting a space station gone quiet.
- The Hirogen capture the Galaxy and set course for a remote system to establish hunting grounds for their prey - the Galaxy crew.
2377, December
VOY Episodes "Endgame - Parts 1 & II" - Final Original Episode of Voyager
- After a decades-long journey to reach the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Kathryn Janeway makes a bold decision to change the past in an attempt to undo the toll taken on the crew during their arduous journey home.
- Gretchen Janeway bakes brownies for Katheryn's return home [Strange New Worlds VI: "The Beginning"].
- Anne Carey witnesses Voyager's return over San Francisco Bay [Strange New Worlds VI: "Widow's Walk" - August 2377].
- Seven says goodbye to Naomi Wildman [Strange New Worlds V: "Fragment"].
- [Strange New Worlds VI: "Homemade"]
- [Strange New Worlds VI: "Final Entry"]
- The U.S.S. Voyager returns to Earth [VOY Relaunch: "Homecoming" - Book 1].
Galaxy Season 6, Cont.

- In Ireland, Anne Carey receives communications from Voyager crew members expressing condolences for Joe's death. Janeway pays a visit [Strange New Worlds VI: "Widow's Walk" - September-October 2377].
- [VOY Relaunch: "The Farther Shore" - Book 2].
- Posing as a professor, Wesley visits the Enterprise and takes Riker back in time to the 1950s for a trombone lesson with Stan Kenton [Strange New Worlds VII: "Adventures In Jazz And Time"].
- [VOY Relaunch: "Old Wounds" - Spirit Walk #1]
- [VOY Relaunch: "Enemy of My Enemy" - Spirit Walk #2]
- Ensign Curtis Geluf is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and re-assigned to the USS Galaxy as an Engineering Officer. He will remain there until the ship is decommissioned later this year.
- The crew of the USS Galaxy were drawn in to a Borg civil war as a result of the Janeway virus. Captain Price and his crew restored the Collective after it threatened to destroy countless star systems. As a result now carry a Borg ambassador, Three of Four. Federation agrees to Multiphasic Torpedo ban in exchange for Borg 'Peace' Borg withdraw from Alpha Quadrant for 10 years.

- Lt. JG James Corgan is promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Assistant Chief of Operations.
- Lt. James Corgan becomes Acting Chief of Operations.
- Lt. JG Vladimir Malgin is promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the USS Galaxy following the death of the former ACMO, Andree Dothan.

- Border skirmishes with Cardassians lead to heightened tensions along all Federation Borders. Ten Federation ships are lost along the DMZ.
- Intelligence manipulated to send Price and Senior Officers on covert mission to Romulus. (The Hunted, Part II)
- Lt. Commander Ethan Suder is promoted to Second Officer of the USS Galaxy.
- Capt. John Bhrode surrenders USS Galaxy to Hirogen. (The Hunted Pt I & II) during routine mapping of Mako Nebula. Hirogen Jihyad begins in Delta Quadrant.
- Lt. Rebecca von Ernst promoted to Brevet Commander and assumes Executive Officer status on the USS Galaxy.
- Commander Lysander VanderPuls-Hawksley proposes to Commander von Ernst. She declines.
- "Hawk" coalition within Federation and Fleet continue to urge military action against the Cardassians in a ‘preemptive' manner.
- Capt. R.E.L. Price re-instated Commanding Officer, USS Galaxy. Rebecca Von Ernst transfers to USS PROSPERO with Capt. John Bhrode.
- Lt. Commander Ethan Suder relinquishes Second Officer status upon Karyn Dallas' re-assignment to the USS Galaxy.
- Commander Dallas is transferred back to the USS Galaxy as its Chief Counselor and Second Officer, where she will remain until the ship is decommissioned.
- Adrian An'quinsos transfers back to the USS Galaxy. He will remain there until the Galaxy is decommissioned.
- Klingon Conference at planet lanjep regarding trade proposals is disrupted by Breen and Orion agitators. Captain R.E.L. Price is kidnapped in an attempt to disrupt Federation support. When Commander Karyn Dallas, as Acting Ambassador, comes out against the MiC'ra'NathAl Sector trade route, Price is shot in the back during a rescue attempt aboard a Breen ship. Her CO crippled, Galaxy still limping from the 'Bhrode Retrograde Backflush Manuever", Starfleet announces their decision to retire the ship. The crew is scattered and the ship towed to Stardock 2 for dismantling.
- Lt. Commander Rose Isis MacAllen enters Starfleet Command College at Earth Station McKinley.

- Kirk and Picard visit the excavation site of the ancient city of Bar'trila on Bajor, and discover that the archaeological team has been infiltrated by a Cardassian intent upon recovering a lost orb [TOS/TNG: "Captain's Peril"].
- Captain Janeway is promoted to Admiral.
- Voss Ferris begins a three year Officer Integration Program at Starfleet Academy.
- Saladin Bolivar transfers to the IKV Deh'taj as a Tactical Liaison Officer.
- John Q. Brhode awarded a Fleet Commendation for Leadership for his actions against the Hirogen during his temporary command of the USS Galaxy. Captain Bhrode sat before a Board of Inquiry over the Galaxy incident. He was charged with negligence and the turning of his command over to a hostile race. He was further charged with the death of a crew member at his own hands. He successfully defended his actions, citing the immediacy of the situation and the known and anti-social tendencies of the Hirogen. He was cleared of all charges regarding in the handing over of his command to an alien Threat Force. He was exonerated of the Murder charges as well, proving that he acted in self defense in a situation of mutiny, insubordination, and striking a superior officer. He received a commendation form Vice Admiral T'Paal for his handling of the situation.
- Captain Brhode, of the USS Prospero, is promoted to Fleet Captain and Aide de Camp to Vice Admiral T'Paal, Second Fleet.
- Lt. JG Cassius Henderson is promoted to Lieutenant and re-assigned to the USS Havoc as its Chief Tactical Officer. He will serve there until late 2379.
- Lysander Hawksley transfers to Starfleet Advanced Tactical School at Wolf 359. His studies are complete in 6 months.
- Lt. James Corgan transfers and becomes Liaison Officer to Federation Border Patrol/ Excise Cutter FBPC - 2872 SS Edmund Teach. He will serve here for one year.
- Crom becomes QuarterMaster and transfers to the Federation Liaision Corps. He also receives a Citation for Engineering Excellence for assisting in installing the third nacelle to the USS Galaxy.
- Lt. JG Michael McDowell is assigned to the team responsible for the installation of the propulsion suite on the Galaxy.
- Commander Karyn Dallas is transferred to detached duties during the first half of this year. She is granted personal leave by Admiral's Hoth, Price, and T'Paal until her transfer to the USS Galaxy.
- Ensign Cutter Ka'ranin is re-assigned to Diplomatic Attaché/Cultural Advisor duties to the Federation Office on Fruna. He will serve in that capacity until 2379.
- Lt. JG Curtis Geluf is promoted to Lieutenant and re-assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers School at McKinley Station in Earth orbit to teach Warp Field Theory. He will serve here for less than one year.
- Lt. Curtis Geluf marries his long-time girlfriend, Kiora Eastman.
- Lt. JG Victor Krieghoff is charged with false arrest and excessive use of force in restraining a Bajoran aboard DS9. Lieutenant JG Krieghoff maintained that the Bajoran had possessed a sleeve disruptor and was in the act of aiming it at a Cardassian national on the Promenade when he apprehended him, but that the disruptor had been dropped in the altercation. The Bajoran claimed to have never possessed such a weapon, and it could not be located at the scene. The charges were dropped when Station Commander Kira Nerys agreed to transfer Lieutenant JG Krieghoff. He is transferred to the Idran System Fleet Base for one year.
- Lysander Hawksley undertakes the Starfleet Command College Curriculum through Distance Education.
- Commander Hawksley is given an official reprimand from Starfleet Bureau of Personnel for 'Unauthorized use of Holographic Imagery of a Serving Fellow Officer' and 'Unauthorized Access to a Holographic Personality Matrix' and 'Tampering with HoloDeck Personality Safety Protocols' and 'Improper Use of Starfleet Psychological Profiles'. Charges later dropped at request of Daystrom Institute Centre for Hologrammatic Research.
- Commander Hawksley is transferred into the Federation Officer Exchange Program, to be assigned to the Klingon Imperial Deep Space Fleet Vor'Cha class ship IKS Firestorm. Served as Lead Weapons/Gunnery Officer and later Executive Officer.
- Commander Hawksley is given an official Flogging and Minor Reprimand from An'HoD Klirga, son of Huron for'Un-Warriorlike actions in Failing to smash Dissension amongst Crew and allowing cowardly mutinous scum to exist."
- Lt. Malgin is transferred to Starbase 331 'Novo Moscovia' as its Assistant Chief Medical Officer. He will remain here until 2379.
- Captain M'Kantu is awarded the Distinguished Service Ribbon for 30 Years service to Starfleet.
- Ensign Corran Rex is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade while on board the USS Kelvin.
- Lt. Janelle Reynolds twin sister, Giselle, is killed in a shuttle accident on the USS Berkley.
- First Lieutenant Jaiana McCormick is promoted to Marine Captain and transferred to the USS Arizona. She will remain here until 2380. She also receives a Marine Citation and Commendation for Bravery for courage under fire while serving on the USS Arizona during this year. She also received a Purple Heart during the same exercise.
- Ensign Tyten is transferred to the USS Dauntless' Fighter Squadron.
- Lt. Savoie is promoted to Asst. Chief Helmsman of the USS St. Louis.
- Ensign Miramon Terrik is assigned to the USS Valdemar as a Navigation Officer.

2378, April
Ensign Cora Dobryin completes her Advanced Intelligence training. She is assigned to the USS Hyperion as an Intelligence Analyst. She will remain here until 2381.
2378, June
- Irene Hansen pens the final entry in her journal [Strange New Worlds V: "Final Entry" - June 17, 2378].
- Saladin Bolivar spends one year at Starfleet Academy for additional training.
- Jasmine Thelan-Bannon completes her correspondence on the USS Hiratoha.
- Ensign Elijah Faraal graduates Starfleet Academy with a focus on Navigational Systems and Flight Control. He is assigned to the USS Sovereign as a Flight Control Officer.
- Ensign Colby Eliot graduates Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to USS Yamato as an Operations Officer.
- Ensign Miramon Terrik graduates Starfleet Academy.
2378, August
Seemingly rogue Breen cruiser squadron crosses Federation territory, destroys three unmanned sensor relays, and enters Cardassian space. Attacking four colonies, they are forced to retreat by Cardassian Gul Latok's cruiser wing and the Federation starship Icarus.
- Lt. Taurik transfers to the USS Enterprise-E as its Assistant Chief Engineer [TNG: "A Time to Sow"].
- Ensign MacPherson is transferred to the USS Enterprise-E [TNG: "A Time to Sow"].
2378, September
- James Corgan enters Starfleet Advanced Tactical/Security School in San Francisco, Terra.
2378, October
- Wesley Crusher must learn how to use his newly matured Traveler powers when he gets an advance vision of the destruction of the Enterprise-E. Meanwhile, a shapeshifting alien entity that emulates starships provokes a friendly fire incident that ends in the loss of a Starfleet ship, the Juno. Data and Picard are blamed by the admiralty [TNG Novel: "A Time to Be Born"].
2378, November
Cardassian Detapa Council requests trade negotiations with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. During the negotiations, the main marketplace in the Cardassian capital city is bombed, and the starship Icarus lends humanitarian aid. Talks are broken off by the Federation when the Cardassian chief of internal security in revealed to be Viria Gul Jerrol, a former commander of several Bajoran labor camps (USS Icarus).
2378, December
- William Riker and Wesley Crusher help prove Data and Picard's innocence in the loss of the USS Juno at Rashanar two months previous. However, to prevent the loss of a crucial Federation ally, the admirals make Picard and the Enterprise crew take the blame for the incident, severely tarnishing their reputations. In addition, Data is forced to surrender his emotion chip, because the admirals erroneously considered it a prime factor in the incident. Wesley passes the Travelers' "final test" even though he defied their instructions to remain uninvolved; apparently, the Travelers have little use for inflexible thinking or people who let rules trump conscience [TNG Novel: "A Time to Die"].
- The USS Crazy Horse discovers a second Dokaalan probe near the Jeluryn Sector [3 weeks prior to TNG: "A Time to Sow"].
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